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Sarahs Cakes

"The perfect cake .....for the perfect day"
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 Confectionery - Cakes - Cookies - Snacks

Sarah’s cakes were set up by Mrs.Sarah Ntale when the demand for her fine confectionery rose dramatically after proving to make scrumptious creations on family occasions and parties. Already well-established (over 20 years) in the confectionery industry in Kampala, Uganda, Sarah combines her artistry and creativity to make classy elegant timeless pieces. Sarah‘s Cakes is dedicated to making all your confectionery dreams come true.

Sarah’s Cakes has been baking superb cakes for over 20 years and is widely recognized as one of Uganda’s premier confectioners. We have supplied delicious cakes for practically every type of social occasion – from children’s birthdays to weddings to functions in parliament, you name it we have done it.

We use the finest ingredients available and each cake is individually made by hand. If you need a “last-minute” solution, we are often able to help, as we bake a daily selection for sale. Specific needs are always best dealt with by telephoning us, we also dedicate time to work with clients to design and create their dream wedding cakes as well as offer cake tasting.

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