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Kembabazi Catering Centre

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  • +256 0773 350829
  • +256 0700 124638

The roots of Kembabazi Catering Centre started back in 1982 by Prof. Wilson Byarugaba and Mrs. Eleanor K. Byarugaba. We have been serving an amazing clientele for several decades. We continue to deliver high-quality traditional meals with modern influences to accentuate Kembabazi cuisine.

Our family business has continued to grow successfully enduring the test of time. We are proud to say that we have created a strong brand and bond with our clients.

Eleanor Kembabazi Byarugaba established a business that is rich in emotional satisfaction. It is with this principle and concept in mind that we continue to meet the needs of all our customers. It is also with this foundation that Moses, Jennifer, Raymond, Emily, and Kelvin, the children of Eleanor Kembabazi Byarugaba, have ensured a smooth transition, continuity, and leadership.

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