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Eunie’s Kitchen

Excellent outside catering
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Mind. Body. Soul

Who we are

Eunie’s Kitchen Ltd is a team of highly professional motivated individuals whose desire is to see an increased appreciation of tasty healthy organic Ugandan cuisines both at home and the world over. In business since 2015, this company cooks three types of food;- Soul food (inspirational music), mind food (inspirational books), and food for the body (Ugandan local cuisine with signature recipes).

Our top-notch meals quality and display, timelines, hygiene, godliness, continuous professional development strategies, immense staff talent, and meal affordability set us apart from other service providers.

Our Vision

To inspire and strengthen connections of relations through tasty meals.

Our Mission

To give our customers a place to celebrate life’s special moments by offering the most affordable tasty meals, friendliest service, and highest standards of hygiene

Our Values

• Integrity

• High Quality

• Godliness

• Professionalism

Our Services

1. Special events & corporate Catering

2. Cooking & bakery classes

3. Parenting network training

4. Business coaching & modeling

5. Inspirational books

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